WellTrail helps corporations develop healthy workforces

With the highest employee participation rates in the industry, WellTrail leads the field in reducing worker health and injury risk factors and conditions. We do this by partnering with businesses to improve worker health – providing one-on-one consulting, health assessments and screenings, injury management and containment solutions, ergonomics resources, and customized progress reporting. WellTrail’s custom health and injury management solutions are designed to meet your workforce’s unique needs.

WellTrail goes beyond the services typical of traditional wellness programs. Traditional wellness models have failed to meaningfully promote or sustain overall worker health, and have been unsuccessful in transforming institutional culture. We use health risk assessments (HRAs) – the longtime standard for traditional models – as a starting point for learning about the short- and long-term goals of the individual employee.

WellTrail focuses on what comes after the HRAs. Our WellGuides, who are all uniquely trained healthcare professionals, use a combination of medical expertise and coaching in consultations that empower your employees to activate their own health. Through strategies that use your institutional culture to structure customized employee solutions, your business will realize the impact of a healthier workforce. Over time, WellTrail’s enduring effect becomes clear – a renewed sense of both your employees’ and your company’s longevity.


Founder + CEO

Kelli LaPage

With two decades of experience in orthopedics, health, nutrition, physical training and injury management, Founder and CEO Kelli LaPage created WellTrail as a response to the endemic problem of rising corporate health care costs. Kelli received her bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Washington University in St Louis, and her Masters in Exercise Physiology – with a focus on orthopedics and athletic training from Syracuse University. She earned her athletic training license in 1994, and has additional advanced certificates in nutrition, ergonomics and risk management. She spent the first 10 years of her career working with elite athletes on all aspects of health – without the restrictions imposed by insurance companies or workers compensation boards. Kelli also earned her health, accident and life insurance licence in the state of NY in 2008. Kelli is personally involved with every WellTrail client, designing specialized solutions tailored to the client’s specific industry and workforce, and inspiring the levels of employee participation and sustainable health improvement that result in meaningful change.

Kelli is a licensed athletic trainer.



Success is the best motivation.

Plan to retire in the best health of your life. We build relationships face-to-face and one-on-one.

WellGuides encourage individuals to achieve their goals one step at a time.

Our WellGuides help each employee set the attainable goals that lead to lasting and sustainable behavior change.


Partners and Affiliations

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity
NY Motor Truck Association
Society for Human Resource Management
Wellness Council of America